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It’s Grad Season

Grad season is upon us!  If you have a lot of grad parties to go to this year and want to give something a little different than just cash, here are a few gift ideas that both high school and college graduates will love.

Personalized Towels from PB Teen

For the high school graduate, a set of personalized towels is a great way to distinguish his/her towels from all of the other freshman towels in the communal dorm showers.  The college graduate will appreciate the personal touch for their first post-college house or apartment.

Mac and cheese?  Or Ramen noodles?  When I was in college those were my choices for cheap eats.  Now there are a plethora of cookbooks showcasing recipes that are inexpensive and use minimal ingredients.

Having to get out of bed and to class all on their own can be a scary transition for some college freshman.  A stylish alarm clock that doubles as a phone docking station makes a smart gift.  For $60 you can even get one that shakes the bed just like mom or dad would!

iLuv iMM153 iPod Alarm Clock


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Welcome to my world!

Welcome to Wow Factor Party & Events, LLC!

In my youth, I suffered with identity crisis as I’m sure many teenagers do.  I often wondered where I fit in in the world and what my purpose in life would be.  As an adult, I have had three “Aha!” moments where my purpose has become crystal clear.  The first was when I became a mother.  The birth of each of my four daughters brought increased clarity and joy to my world.

Event Production:  The second Aha moment came when I started producing events for nonprofit organizations in the Twin Cities area.  Upon completion of my marketing degree I knew that the event world was where I wanted  needed to be.  I was new to the event world in the formal sense but had been organizing parties and event for years.  Helping organizations meet their marketing and promotional goals by producing an event where guests have a great time, gain inspiration and insight, and network with one another…well, just insert photo of a ray of sunshine shining down upon me through the clouds, choir singing!  Hallelujah, I’ve found my calling!

Dishware Rental:  Event planning is only one facet of Wow Factor.  I also offer dishware rental for the home entertainer.  As a person who frequently entertains at home, I strive to make every party unique.  I like to switch up the dishes, glassware and serving pieces based upon the theme or color palette of my event.  However, I’d have to buy a whole new house to store it all.  My third, and final, Aha moment came when I looked to the local rental companies for dishware but only found plain white dishes for rent.  Hence, Wow Factor Dishware Rental was born!  My tabletop and serving pieces will help you create a party where guests can’t help but say, “Wow!”.

Alicia Baraga

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